Radio Radicale

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  • 提供者:Nettv Radio
  • 所屬國家:意大利
  • 更新時間:2024-01-09 13:45
  • 入庫時間:2024-01-09 13:47

Radio Radicale簡介

Brief introduction
Radio Radicale is the official radio station of the Italian Radical Party. Founded in 1976 as part of the Radio libere ("Free Radio”) movement, it has no commercial advertisements and is partly funded by the party, with support from the Italian government as part of an agreement for the broadcasting of Parliamentary sessions.
Despite being an official political party organ, Radio Radicale dedicates its airtime to broadcasting parliamentary live debates from the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the Italian Senate as well as important court cases. It broadcasts Italian political party conventions of all political spectrums, from far right to far left. The remaining airtime is used for programs about current events relevant to the political beliefs of the Radical Party.
In December 2008, Radio Radicale was awarded by Italia Oggi as "best specialized radio broadcaster".
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